Who are we?

We are Dutchmen who find nature, peace and freedom in Denmark

We are: Paula, Peter and Marit

We are the owners of a beautiful area in Denmark. Here we follow the rhythm of our heart, because that is how we want to live life.
The rhythm of our hearts and our lives has now brought us to Denmark. Since the beginning of 2013, Peter and Paula live in the town of Hou, on a beautiful farm with 3.5 hectares of land. Marit, the youngest daughter of Peter, has finished her school year in the Netherlands, but has also come to live with us since July 2013.

We enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It is a lovely area with coniferous and deciduous forest, heather, meadows and even a private beach and sea within walking distance of our house. This made our dream come true. We dream of a life in the middle of nature. We wanted to enjoy nature as much as possible, be outside, grow our own food and be able to marvel at the beautiful landscape.

We would like to share our dream and way of life with others. That is why we have chosen to start a mini nature campsite. We also rent out a number of hikers’ cabins, a tipi and an apartment. We hope that you will spend the night with us as guests. You can then choose to be on your own and find peace, but also to socialize with others. This can be done during the day as well as in the evening, inside our community area, or outside around a campfire. It is all possible.

Our lives after the tv program "I'm leaving"

After the last filmday of "I'm leaving"

On April 19, 2014 and October 3, 2015, the story of our departure was shown on television in the broadcast of “I’m leaving” and in the broadcast of “10 years of I’m leaving”. Find more information in Dutch about the program here.

Thank you for watching, we hope you enjoyed it. We have been living here on the Danish coast for five years now. At this place we started a campsite in the middle of nature, we are still very happy to be able to live here in this beautiful nature and can no longer imagine that we have lived in the busy Netherlands. We enjoy our house, the beautiful nature, the sea and all the animals. Furthermore, we still find it so special that we have the sea at the end of our land, that we go there almost every evening. Our life is a life from the base, with the vegetable garden, of which we had a delicious meal this winter. We don’t have a lot of luxury, but we don’t need it either.

In the past 5 years we have made our site more beautiful and we have already achieved many of our dreams and goals. Our house and the other buildings have all been refurbished and the grounds look beautiful. In recent years, the site by the sea and our house have undergone a true metamorphosis. Changes that stand out are; renovating our roof, building a large teepee that can accommodate 4 people, remodeling our apartment, building a fully equipped bungalow for 4 people, building a sheep stable, planting hundreds of trees and expanding our hikers’ cabins. Every day we are busy with new projects on our site.

The integration between the Danes is going well for us. We regularly have nice contact with the neighbors, and our Danish circle of friends and acquaintances continues to expand. We also continue to make progress in the command of the Danish language. Marit has been living in rooms in Aalborg for 2 years now, close to her school. She is now in her final year of high school and hopes to continue her studies here in Denmark.

In addition to the activities at our campsite, we also have plenty of other work. This mainly consists of the delivery of the local newspaper and advertising, this is 2 days a week. In winter and spring, we mainly take on minor renovations and maintenance of forests and gardens. In addition, the work on the campsite will of course continue.

We are still happy to live here every day and we enjoy the beautiful nature such as the forest on the property and the sea that borders it. For us this is very special, and we are therefore happy that our guests want to spend their holiday with us so much. We do everything we can to make our guests feel at home. It is a bit cozier and more personal here than on a large campsite, the people who come here experience this as very pleasant. Many of our guests are also amazed by the beautiful warm weather and the beautiful nature that you actually do not see from the highway. Time and again we have a lot of fun telling our guests what to do in the area. There are plenty of activities and sights for young and old.

The camping site is located by the sea, there is relatively little current and many of our guests enjoy relaxing by the water or looking for special birds and plant species. There is a cozy atmosphere at the campsite and in the evening there is often a campfire where sandwiches or marshmallows are baked.

We have had our first Biodanza holiday and sometimes have some workshops here. In the meantime, we have also succeeded in starting Biodanza in Denmark. We have had a Danish Biodanza group in our large community hall every week since January 2018. It is already a beautiful and fun group and the group continues to grow.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us in various ways. Without you we would never have gotten this far. So as the Danes thank you, from the bottom of our hearts; thanks a lot!

Warm loving greetings from Peter, Marit and Paula.


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