Sightseeing nearby the camping

Hou (3 km)

Hou was originally a fishing village with a number of old farms. One of the oldest farms is Hugdrupgaard. This farm is nowadays a center for arts and crafts with a natural playground.

Hals (10 km)

Hals is a town 10 km from Nature Ferie. This town is located at the entrance of the Limfjorden, which connect the Kattegat and the North Sea. Here you will find several supermarkets, nice shops, a market, harbor, fortress and tourist information.
Neck means constriction. The city received city rights in 1656, but with only 3000 inhabitants, Hals is the smallest city in North Jutland. The western part of the harbor contains the marina, restaurants and shops, while the eastern part is used for commercial fishing and the red building on the eastern pier houses the pilot’s office. The city had a customs office from 1655 to 1905.
Hals Church, considered the largest village church in Denmark, is one of the sights in Hals. The town’s symbol can also be seen on the market, as the jaw of a blue whale has been there since 1955.
You can also take the ferry from Hals to Egense and across the Limfjorden. There you can visit Kearskov national park with the Vildmosecentret, or go for a walk in the dunes and peatlands.

Dronninglund (15 km)

Medieval days at Voergaard castle
Every year in week 29 you can go back to the Middle Ages at Voergaard Castle in Dronninglund. During these days you can experience what it is like to live in the Middle Ages. You can also meet the Bishop of Børglum, who stayed at Voergaard Castle in 1533 with his mistress and friends, soldiers, jugglers, musicians, merchants, monks, and Dominicans. During these days we go back to this time.

Castle Voergaard
Behind the wide moat and thick walls, you can find Voergaard Castle. This is Denmark’s finest Renaissance castle, with the sharpest ghost stories and the finest private art collection. Enjoy the really fun tours (recommended by many of our guests) and scary stories with the whole family.

Sæby (30 km)

Sæby is a harbor town 30 km north of Nature Ferie. Places of interest in Seaby are the Sæby Museum, Sæbygård slot and Fruen fra Havet (Lady of the Harbor).


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