Ideal for hikers, cyclists and walkers

Our small nature campsite is the ideal place to spend the night, not only for longer holidays, but also for hikers and or families in transit. 

We really like it when cyclists, hikers and canoeists suddenly knock on the door and want to spend the night. Spending the night is of course possible at the campsite, but also in a hiker’s cabin or in the apartment. We also offer a cozy community room, so that there is a space in bad or very warm weather, where you can relax from the bike or hike and you do not have to crawl into your small tent immediately but can cook at the table , eat or play games. We also have a covered bicycle repair area. Here you can hang up your bike and find tools to work on the bike, should this be necessary after the hike.

For holiday guests who like cycling and walking, but are not passing through, we have mapped out a number of walking and cycling routes in the area. You can obtain descriptions of these routes and the details along the way from us. We also have bicycles for rent.

Local cycling and walking routes

For hikers, we have made a number of short routes in the forest and heath areas at Nature Ferie. At our camping place you can get a map with these routes and the trails in the area. You can also download the kmz (google earth) or gpx files of the routes via the links below and use them on your phone or GPS:

3.6 km yellow route
4.8 km green route
6.6 km red route

Local biking and hiking route
Local hiking route


Because Nature Ferie is located on the Baltic Sea coast, it is ideal to moor with us during your canoe trip and stay overnight. But if you are not on holiday with the canoe and you just want to go canoeing, that is of course also possible. In Voersa, 15 km from our campsite, it is possible to rent various canoes or other boats and make various trips.

Multi-day cycling and walking routes

North Sea route


Hikers can also follow a route along the Danish coast. The hiking trail of the Northseatrail (around the North Sea) does not run directly past the campsite, but you have to deviate less than a kilometer from your route for a wonderful and peaceful overnight stay at our nature campsite, or of course in one of our hikers’ cabins or the apartment.

North Sea Cycle route

North Sea Cycle Route

The longer and extensive cycling route around the North Sea also runs directly past our campsite. So if you are in transit around the North Sea coast, come to rest with us with a wonderful overnight stay in a tent, hiker’s cabin or in the apartment.

Skagen-Sonderborg route

National Danish cycle route number 5: Skagen-Sonderborg

Our Nature Ferie campsite is located directly on the national Danish cycle route number 5. This cycle route is the longest of the 11 national cycle routes. With a length of 650 km, the route runs along the entire east coast of Denmark, from Skagen to Sonderborg. Route information can be obtained from the VVV, the German route booklet, or from the 5 cycling maps of Denmark.

Emmen-Skagen route

Jutland Biking route: Emmen-Skagen

You can also cycle from the Netherlands and spend the night with us. The Jutland Cycle Route, from Emmen to Skagen, runs right past our campsite.


You can always contact us if you have any questions. You can easily send your questions via the contact form below.