We have the facilities and enjoy hosting large groups. We are happy to help you undertake activities on and around our campsite.

Together with our guests, we have had very pleasant summer evenings with songs around the campfire and / or baking bread. In addition, creative craft events were also organized after children from the campsite found seashells at the beach.

We encourage the spontaneity of our guests to organize things and are happy to offer the resources if we have them available. 

In our community room we have several board games to play with the whole family. Or against another family. Among these games we have an enlarged handmade Settlers of Catan and a Viking Adventure game. 

For the hikers, cyclists and walkers

For hikers, we have made a number of short routes in the forest and heath areas at Nature Ferie. At our camping place you can get a map with these routes and the trails in the area.

For the birders

Because of the variation of the forest, grasslands, and sea , the campground is ideal for different kinds of birds.


You can always contact us if you have any questions. You can easily send your questions via the contact form below.